Special Feature

Coping With Covid

Written by Mike Freeman

Illustration by Bianca Austria

As the semester begins, many students are faced with changes in the way we do things. From how we learn, to how we play and how we socialize, these variations can be met with an overabundance of emotions. These changes may consciously or subconsciously affect our decisions. For the above reasons, we need to double-check ourselves and the ones around us to make sure that we remain at our best.


Written by Anthony Almeida and Isabella Jimenez

Illustration by Devin Macam

When thinking of sports, naturally the first things that come to mind are baseball, basketball, football or soccer. What if I told you there is a sport with just as much excitement that requires the use of blindfolds to play? That sport is goalball.

Workout From Home

If you’re bummed about losing access to the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) this semester, you’re not alone. The good news is that we’re lucky enough to live in an age where finding high-quality home workouts is as easy as, well, opening this article. We’ve put together a few websites and channels that are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to keep up your routine from home.

plants in home poster

Written by Presley Dalman

Illustration by Bianca Austria

When sheltering in place and practicing social distancing, going outdoors to spend time in nature can seem like an impossible task. Many of us are itching to get out of our stuffy homes for some fresh air. Fortunately, one way to solve these quarantine quandaries is by investing in indoor house plants!

Win Free Tuition

Did you know that you can work your way toward free tuition from the comfort of your home? Thanks to Owen’s Condition for Tuition, you can convert your home workouts into a chance for a full semester scholarship.

embrace exposure to family banner

Written by Ian McDonnell

Illustration by Mansi Shah

COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc on California residents this year and staying home has proven to be the most effective precaution to avoid contracting the virus. Due to instruction being conducted virtually this semester, many students who would typically be moved into the dorms or an apartment near campus are saving money and learning from the comfort of their parents’ or family homes. With more time spent around family members, students may find themselves irritated and resort to excessive screen time getaways. However, a shift in one’s mindset from ‘I wish I was somewhere else’ to ‘I have everything I need right here’ will encourage positive relationships within your family.

The Student Recreation & Wellness Center team is excited to be open and serving you. Our re-opening process occurred in phases, as we continued to receive approvals based on the State of California COVID-19 safety protocols and mandates.

owens banner 2020 21

Every year, thousands of participants take part in this unique opportunity to win free tuition just by regularly utilizing the SRWC. Even though we’ve gone virtual, Owen’s is still on!

Updates on how alternative instruction will impact SRWC programs and services

As students, faculty and staff are aware, the Student Rec & Wellness Center (SRWC) has been physically closed since the COVID-19 pandemic spread to our region. The SRWC continues to be mostly closed until further notice.

Your At-Home SRWC banner

Just because the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) is closed doesn’t mean working out has to end! Keep up to date with the SRWC’s fitness challenges, events and classes today by checking out the links below!

SRWC Go banner

Have you ever been interested in instructional fitness at the SRWC, but the barrier of reserving a spot in-person held you back? Maybe the anxiety of parking on campus persuaded you to skip that lifting class? That all changes with SRWC GO, a portal designed to remove the difficulties of accessing resources at the SRWC by letting you sign up for classes, outdoor adventures, intramurals and more directly from your phone or computer.

Owen’s Participant Spotlight – Maddy Braverman banner

Every year, hundreds of LBSU students pump, swim, climb and utilize all other facilities in the Student Rec & Wellness Center (SRWC) as participants in the Owen’s Condition for Tuition challenge. By logging their 30-minute workout or wellness sessions, these students are eligible for amazing prizes such as bikes, televisions and even the chance to win free tuition!

Rec Con 2019

SRWC students, assemble! Save the date for REC CON: Heroes for Health, happening on Tuesday, Sept. 10 from 5 to 7 p.m.

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