Special Feature


Written by Anthony Almeida and Isabella Jimenez

Illustration by Devin Macam

When thinking of sports, naturally the first things that come to mind are baseball, basketball, football or soccer. What if I told you there is a sport with just as much excitement that requires the use of blindfolds to play? That sport is goalball.

Goalball provides just as much action and fun as traditional sports and allows for athletes with visual impairments to participate.

Goalball was first created to keep blinded World War II veterans active and has developed into one of the most popular team sports for individuals with visual impairments. Today it is played competitively in 112 countries and is even an event in the Paralympic Games. Like most sports, the main objective is to get a ball into the opposing team’s goal. Teams consist of three players, each wearing eyeshades or eyepatches to ensure that every participant is on the same playing field. The official goalball is hollow and contains bells in it, so the faster the ball rolls the easier it is for the opposing team to hear it and block it. Things like quick throws, curveballs and off-speed balls are used to catch opponents off guard.

Be sure to check out asirecreation.org/inclusive later this semester for a video demonstrating how to play goalball, a game that can be enjoyed while maintaining social distancing.

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