owens condition for tuition

Students have been working hard to earn their 50 points for the 2018-2019 Owen’s Condition for Tuition challenge. Now it’s time for those students to celebrate their accomplishments and hopefully walk away with a semester of FREE undergrad tuition at our annual finale event!

plant a plant

Did you know that in addition to helping the environment, planting your own plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels, reduce stress and keep air temperatures normal? To help you get a head start on your personal garden, the SRWC, Sustain U, Grow Beach and Beach Pride Events are teaming up to bring you a favorite ASI event: Plant A Plant!

NIRSA Day at the SRWC Banner

The Student Recreation & Wellness Center provides student and non-student members a place to work on their fitness goals, focus on their mental wellbeing and develop healthy, holistic habits. But, did you also know that the SRWC has an opportunity for students to focus in on their professional development as well?

Outdoor Adventure Trips

Make sure you’re getting the full SoCal “rad-venture” experience this spring with the Rock and Outdoor Adventure (ROA) team! The SRWC’s trip leaders are eager to share their love of the outdoors with you, whether you’re a seasoned weekend warrior or a new adventurer-in-progress.

Night of relaxation Banner

If you’re looking for another way to relax, then you’ll definitely want to check out Night of Relaxation on Dec. 5 at the SRWC!

Owen’s Condition for Tuition banner

If you’re not sure where the first two months of 2019 went, then we’d just like to say: same. Still, that just means we’re another month closer to the Owen’s Condition for Tuition celebration event happening at the end of the semester.

Upcoming Outdoor Adventure Trips Banner

There isn’t anything quite like getting out and experiencing the great outdoors. Get your John Muir on and join your friends at the SRWC on one of our outdoor adventure trips!

Girls Night on the Floor banner

The very first “Girl’s Night on the Strength Floor” is the SRWC’s event targeted towards women who may feel overwhelmed in the gym or lost in their workouts. Don't worry, gentlemen and other non-binary friends, you can join in too!

spring fun water edition banner

Spring is typically associated with flowers, cleaning and allergies – but at the SRWC, it’s all about the water! Throughout the next few months, SRWC Aquatics has several water-related activities for you to enjoy.

Coffee with a Trainer Series banner

Have you ever questioned your fitness knowledge? Have you ever wanted to ask someone questions about how many repetitions you should do, how long you should hold certain stretches or what kind of workouts would be best for you?

SRWC Block Party banner

Week of Welcome may have come and gone, but celebrating the start of the new academic year continues at the SRWC!

Spring 2019 Inclusive Events Banner

People of all abilities should have the opportunity to pursue a healthy, independent and wellness-filled life. That’s why every semester, the SRWC has events and programs that are accessible to everyone of every ability.

Triathlon: Stationary and Blind banner

The triathlon is today’s fastest-growing sporting event, and now you get a chance to try it out on campus! For two consecutive Fridays this month, you will have the opportunity to swim, run and bike in a mini-triathlon!

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