Rec Report


Ask A Trainer: Beyond Sweat and Soreness

Often times, individuals aspire to improve their strength, endurance and body composition when it comes to setting workout goals. However, other areas tend to get overlooked when thinking about the overall definition of fitness.

Free Play Fridays and Swim Lessons

Game of Thrones got it wrong -- summer is coming! To make sure you’re ready for the summer months ahead, the SRWC has two fun and educational pool-related programs just for you.

Student Staff Spotlight

For Rohit Haryani, a second-year computer science graduate student, getting out of the classroom and getting involved with a completely different field is one of his favorite things about his job at the SRWC.

owens condition for tuition

Students have been working hard to earn their 50 points for the 2018-2019 Owen’s Condition for Tuition challenge. Now it’s time for those students to celebrate their accomplishments and hopefully walk away with a semester of FREE undergrad tuition at our annual finale event!

outdoor movie night

Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers, have been through a lot, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s films have transcended all box office records. On April 25, the final piece of the saga will premiere around the nation, but why join in a crowded theatre when you can watch the Avengers poolside and catch up on past adventures?

plant a plant

Did you know that in addition to helping the environment, planting your own plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels, reduce stress and keep air temperatures normal? To help you get a head start on your personal garden, the SRWC, Sustain U, Grow Beach and Beach Pride Events are teaming up to bring you a favorite ASI event: Plant A Plant!

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