Rec Report


Love Your Body Week

Love Your Body Week (LYBW) is right around the corner! We will be having a full week of virtual activities dedicated to body positivity and self-affirmation from April 12 through April 15. During this week, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) will be hosting Chrissy King, a fitness and strength coach with a passion for creating a diverse and inclusive health environment. King’s event, "Finding Freedom Beyond Fitness" will empower you to love your body, join us for this special feature on April 13.

Regressing to Progress

Have you had trouble with online stretching videos? Videos are not always individualized, and some movements may be harder to perform than others. However, don’t let this deter you from achieving your goals and experiencing the many benefits of increased flexibility. Instead, try to start with exercise regressions to perform the movements at your own pace.

Home Safety

Creating an environment where your family can be safe is the highest priority. Achieving maximum safety at home should be the goal and can be addressed quite easily if you prepare. Here are some common safety tips to help keep you and your family safe.

Workplace Diversity

Underrepresentation within America’s corporate landscape is a situation all too familiar for women and people of color.

Text Neck

Are you suffering from upper back and neck pain? With the current climate of remote learning, it is no surprise that you are feeling such sensations in your body!

Photo of Crystal Cove shoreline

Crystal Cove is a beautiful conserved land in Newport Beach right off Pacific Coast Highway.

Photo: someone's hand holding a golf ball on a grassy field

Golf has seen an unexpected spike in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. As one of the first activities deemed safe enough to open during the early stay-at-home orders, the golfing industry has seen a boost that many hope is here to stay.

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