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Martial artist Bruce Lee once said, “Be water, my friend.” This quote is meant to be flexible in its interpretation, however this philosophy also serves as a bridge of how water itself can enhance relaxation and resilience.

Season of Reflection and Gratitude

As we near the end of fall semester and are getting ready to enter a new year, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) has much to be grateful for in 2021. The whole SRWC team pulled together to prepare the building for reopening with a lot of uncertainty about how everything would turn out.

Championship Finish for Fall Intramurals banner

Intramural leagues and tournaments made their return for the first time since the spring of 2020. With roughly 600 participants in both leagues and tournaments, this semester’s turnout was a huge success.

Owen's Condition for Tuition

The end of fall semester is right around the corner, but there is still plenty of time for you to sign up for and complete the Owen’s Condition for Tuition Challenge! The winner will receive a scholarship for a semester of undergraduate-level tuition.

Owen's Condition for Tuition

Each year the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) hosts the Owen’s Condition for Tuition challenge. By completing the challenge, participating undergraduate and graduate students who finish the challenge are automatically entered into an opportunity drawing to win a semester’s worth of free undergraduate-level tuition! Last spring, the Owen’s scholarship was awarded to Raya Torres, a current sophomore majoring in journalism.

Run Fast and Jump Far: Introducing the SRWC Combine

Will you be a top competitor? The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) Combine will make its first appearance on Nov. 10, at 5 p.m. in SRWC’s Main Gym A. Inspired by the National Football League’s (NFL) Scouting Combine, the SRWC Combine takes this concept and runs with it––pun intended!

Safety Preparednes

Creating an environment where your family can be safe is the highest priority. Most situations are easy to address if you are prepared and do everything you can to achieve maximum safety at home. Now let’s talk about some common safety tips you can start implementing at home to help keep you and your family protected.

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