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Owens Spotlight - Raul Ramirez

Stay motivated during the spring semester and beyond with a chance to win free tuition! Join Owen’s Condition for Tuition, a yearly exercise challenge that enters you in an opportunity drawing for an assortment of incredible rewards.

picture of student holding large check from owen's condition for tuition

How will you work your way into the opportunity drawing for free tuition?

picture of two students learning CPR during the SRWC's First Aid Friday

It’s almost time! As finals loom upon us, so do the holidays. This time of year, we normally would be gathering for celebration, but due to COVID-19 we have had to adapt. These adaptations can leave our minds apathetic at times, leading to accidents. So, at this time, let’s talk about some quick tips that we can take to make things safer at home, starting by being alert and prepared.

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Winter is coming, but that shouldn’t mean we need to stop camping. Whether you are camping in the desert or the mountains, winter camping can be a great experience.

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Finding time to exercise during the holiday season can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you stay fit!

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Contrary to the components of the word, the definition of mindfulness does not mean “the quality of having a full mind” - it actually means the opposite. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully engaged in the present moment, aware of your thoughts and emotions and free of judgements or distractions.


Learn about this fast-growing, worldwide sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis and tennis.

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