Exercise Testing

Did you know that lean mass (muscle) burns 6x more calories than fat? The Bod Pod will provide an accurate account of your lean body mass and fat mass numbers. It will also calculate metabolic numbers like “Resting Metabolic Rate” (RMR) & “Total Energy Expenditure” (TEE) so that you know how many calories your body burns at rest so that you know how many calories you burn according to your current activity level.

Our personal trainers can accurately measure your body composition using our state of the art Bod Pod to help you learn what your weight is made of. This test takes about 10 minutes to complete, and is immediately followed by a consultation with a personal trainer to discuss your results and help you set your body composition goals.

BOD POD: Students $45/Non-Students $50 

BOD POD Special: Students purchase 3 BOD POD for $100/Non Students Purchase 3 BOD POD for $110

BOD POD with Personal Training Special: Students/Non Students Purchase 10 personal training sessions plus one BOD POD, get a second BOD POD test for free

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