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Each summer the SRWC undergoes regularly scheduled maintenence to keep the building as new as it was when it first opened. Currently, the spa in the aquatics area is undergoing some upkeep and it should be back online the second week of July. For all other updates, please visit asirecreation.org/notices for all hours and maintenence changes.

Out of the close to thousand students that participated in Owen’s Condition for Tuition this past year, graduate student Ryan Sueme took home the grand prize of free tuition!

“This lifted a huge weight off my shoulders!” Ryan exclaimed. “I was legitimately scared to take out more loans on top of undergrad debt, but the Owen family’s generous gift provided massive financial relief and now will allow me to focus more on school and my work on campus.”

Ryan is currently in his first year of graduate studies in organic chemistry at CSULB. He also works in research for a professor and as a chemistry administrative assistant, where he assists incoming chemistry students. He thinks of his Owen’s Condition for Tuition win with a pay-it-forward mentality.

“I’m extremely grateful to have won,” he said. “I’d love to make a similar donation or help expand the program in the future if I become successful! I wish we had more money to hand out to students, because I know it’s not easy to pursue a life of wellness with a rigorous academic schedule.”

For Ryan, a visit to the SRWC is like therapy. He enjoys running, playing tennis and lifting weights, and wants to help promote student wellness.

“Props to the Owen family—they’ve done an outstanding job,” he said. “900 students participated this year, so it’s clear that the program fosters a community that consistently pursues a life of wellness.”

For more information on Owen’s Condition for Tuition, visit www.asirecreation.org/owens.

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