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Healthy Campus Award

CSULB was recently recognized as a winner of the 2016 Active Minds Healthy Campus Award, ranked as one of the healthiest college campuses in the nation. This award celebrates campuses that provide access to quality healthcare and a comprehensive approach to promoting student health—which the SRWC plays a pivotal role in.

“This award recognizes the fact that we’re making students’ wellness a priority,” said Interim Assistant Director of ASI Recreation Maureen MacRae. “We’re collaborating with other departments on campus to make sure we’re doing the best job possible and creating the best programs and opportunities for students in all areas of wellness.”

The unique, holistic wellness that the SRWC and university promote demonstrates a deep commitment to students’ well-being. The SRWC’s strong emphasis on fitness as well as its Beach Balance wellness opportunities allowed it to meet much of the Active Minds’ criteria.

Another piece of criteria dealt with diversity and inclusivity, and the SRWC’s focus and implementation of its inclusive program set the campus apart from others. “Our inclusive program adds to an inclusive environment for all students and gives the opportunity for not simply students with disabilities—but for other students to experience what their disabled peers go through,” said MacRae.

As the SRWC offers free personal training sessions to students with disabilities, gives free assessments and orientations to all students on campus, and employs personal trainers that are students, it is very much student-centered. “All our students and facility members have the opportunity to participate in the many programs the SRWC has to offer,” said MacRae.

The process of applying and receiving the award was headed by Vice President of Student Affairs and the Student Health Center’s Mary Ann Tokomoto. It involved collaboration between a number of on campus organizations, including ASI (SRWC), Disabled Student Services, CAPS, Dean of Students, Housing and Residential Life, Student Health Services, Life Fit Center and Educational Equity Services.

For more information on the Active Minds Healthy Campus Award, visit http://activeminds.org/our-programming/healthy-campus-award.

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