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Associated Students, Inc. is proud to announce Farron Fowler as the new associate director for the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC). In this role, Fowler will oversee all facility operations and programming, support SRWC staff in following correct protocols and procedures, and uphold ASI’s commitment to diversity by encouraging unique and inclusive programming.

“Interacting with students is what gets me out of bed each morning, because the passion they have for their own personal development and pursuits is infectious,” he said. “I’m a big believer in development and growth—not only for myself or my career, but for the staff and people around me.”

Originally from Fort Smith, Arkansas, Fowler has worked with UC Riverside, Scripps College, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and most recently with Associated Students at Cal State Fullerton (CSUF). His sixteen years of recreation experience have formed the insights and goals he has for the SRWC.

“I want to build the already phenomenal team at the SRWC into one that is stronger, more dynamic and more of a family unit, so that we can shape lasting relationships with students and propel them into their desired fields and industries,” he said.

Through developing student recognition programs at CSUF, UC Riverside and Scripps College, Fowler has helped to produce nationally recognized intramural officials and student employees. He hopes to do the same with student employees at the SRWC, involving them with the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA).

“My motto is ‘nurturing growth with immeasurable potential,’” he said. “I want to guide students and staff in staying consistently excited, maintaining a standard of excellence and achieving the limitless things they are capable of.”

Between nearly doubling CSUF’s summer camp program participation, Fowler also organized the first ever color run at CSUF, which boasted over five thousand people in attendance and $6,000 in donations without any net expense. Seeing as it functioned as a fun and innovative way to mobilize students and achieve funds, he hopes to do something similar at CSULB.

“The success we achieve won’t be new,” he said. “The SRWC has been achieving success—I just hope to help in different areas. I want to continue the SRWC’s reputable tradition of exceeding expectations across the board.” Fowler hopes to involve and empower students at every step by engineering exciting programs, keeping the equipment modern and embracing new ideas, updates or expansions that may come about.

ASI is excited to have Farron serving our students, and extends a warm welcome to him! If you see him around the SRWC, feel free to introduce yourself and do the same!

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