Special Feature
 New Equipment, New Floors, New Furniture at the SRWC

The SRWC team is dedicated to making sure that their members’ experiences are the best they can possibly be -- and that means keeping all of the SRWC’s equipment and facilities up-to-date and running smoothly!

Most importantly, the SRWC will be redoing the floors in the Main Weight Room. Because of this, there will be limited strength equipment available along the hallway of the first floor from Friday, May 17, through Sunday, June 2.

That said, we are proud that on the strength floor, there is a new line of strength equipment & new Olympic benches in the main strength floor which includes 12 Life Fitness Insignia products and six Hammer Strength Olympic benches.

The new strength equipment features enhanced biomechanics to provide a smooth workout experience to users. The line includes user-friendly features like easily adjustable seats and ergonomic grips. Members can track their workouts using the machines electronic rep counter and timer or access exercise tutorials through the QR code on the machines.

The fitness staff is available to answer any questions about the equipment or show members the correct way to use it. An, not only did some of the strength equipment get an upgrade, but the Aquatics area just got brand new pool furniture for you to enjoy!

The SRWC now has 38 new lounges and 40 new chairs to give members the ability to relax or study almost anywhere in the aquatics center. Made with high quality fabrics, these lounges and chairs are much sturdier than the previous lounges and come in an eye-catching design meant to accent both the pool and natural features of the area.

We have also designed the aquatics area to better allow students a premium setting to socialize and connect in a safer environment. So sleep, sit, socialize, or swim just grab a spot check us out at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center!

If you have any questions about the remodel or any of the new equipment, stop by the front desk or call at (562) 985 - 0775.

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