Special Feature
Members Summer Wellness Program

Hey alumni, faculty and staff members! Do you need some extra encouragement or motivation to keep up your workout routines throughout the summer? Well, the SRWC would love to help you out! If you haven’t started already, join us in our annual Summer Wellness Program! Between June 1 and Aug. 25, your goal is to redeem 25 points for a chance to win a FREE annual membership to the SRWC.

Yes, you heard that right – an entire year of working out on us! All participants who reach 15 points will receive a cooling towel that is yours to keep, designed uniquely for the Summer Wellness Program. Anyone who redeems all 25 points before the Aug. 25 deadline will be entered into the drawing to be one of two lucky winners for our annual membership prize.

What’s the catch? The only catch is that we hope to assist you in staying accountable and on track with your health and wellness goals. All you need to do is visit the front desk at the SRWC to sign up for the program. You can redeem one point per day, up to five points per week, after a minimum of 30 minutes spent doing any workout of your choice. We greatly appreciate all of you and are here to support you, so stop by the membership desk today and get yourself signed up!

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