Special Feature
Maintenance and Alternative Workouts

In an effort to maintain the SRWC as a top-of-the-line facility, annual maintenance takes place each winter break. This break the SRWC will be refinishing the floors in two separate phases to limit the impact on your routines. Please note the dates and locations of the closures below:

  • Jan. 2 through 8
    Main Court
    Farber Fitness
    Racquetball Court A
  • Jan. 8 through 15
    MAC Gym
    Pura Vida Room
    Racquetball Court B

Thank you for your understanding. And for the meantime, our fitness team has put together some tips to help supplement the work outs you may have been doing in those areas.

  • Did you know you can achieve the same benefits of basketball such as calorie-burning, endurance-building and agility without actually playing it? Speed and agility drills typically used in basketball conditioning work as alternatives, like the “suicide” drill, karaoke steps, agility ladder and more, as detailed in Men’s Fitness.
  • Weight/resistance training provides a wonderful alternative to racquetball, strengthening bones and muscles to enhance a player’s performance altogether. Fitness Health 101 has created a workout to use outside the court.
  • In general a proper workout alternative to racquetball should focus on arms, upper and full-body exercise. You can use resistance bands, dumbbells, stationary bicycles, elliptical machines and regular calisthenics to focus on all the same muscle groups, as detailed in Exercise.

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