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Winter is coming, but that shouldn’t mean we need to stop camping. Whether you are camping in the desert or the mountains, winter camping can be a great experience.

However, to make it a great experience, you need to do it right. I have compiled 12 tips that will help you make your upcoming winter trip a good one. Check them out below!

Winter Camping Checklist

- Double check the weather conditions ahead of time
- Make sure your sleeping bag is appropriately rated for lower temperatures
- Keep your boots and electronics inside your bag when you sleep
- Use a sleeping pad (preferably closed-cell foam)
- Keep your tent packed tight. The less open space inside your tent, the warmer it will be
- Keep your pack and other items in plastic bags at night to prevent moisture
- Remove morning frost from your tent before it melts to avoid wet gear
- Insulate your water bottles. Frozen water is not helpful
- Hand warmers are very helpful
- Avoid tight-fitting clothing that restricts blood flow
- Wear synthetics and wool
- Bring a beanie, warm socks and gloves


Before you pack up for your next winter trip, make sure to have this list handy. Hopefully it will help you create a positive winter camping experience. Happy camping!

For camping tips, equipment rentals and much more, visit asirecreation.org/rock-outdoor.

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