Special Feature

Photo: someone's hand holding a golf ball on a grassy field

Golf has seen an unexpected spike in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. As one of the first activities deemed safe enough to open during the early stay-at-home orders, the golfing industry has seen a boost that many hope is here to stay.

Being that golf can be adjusted to meet social distancing guidelines fairly easily, many people took on the sport simply to get outside. According to the National Golf Foundation, over 50 million rounds of golf have been played since June 2020.

The only year that experienced such a jump was 1997, when a young Tiger Woods took the golfing world by storm. Although the number of rounds played this past year is a good reflection of just how much the game has grown, the rise in purchases of golf equipment is another important indicator. Golf DataTech reported that an estimated $388.6 million was spent on the purchase of golf equipment in July 2020.

In addition to the rise in people playing the game, there has also been a reported increase in viewership of golf. The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Tour, which took place in August, saw its biggest jump in ratings since 2015. Golf was quick to establish itself among those craving live sports action. As social distancing requirements eventually relax, it will be interesting to see if golf can continue its recent success.

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