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Photo of Crystal Cove shoreline

Crystal Cove is a beautiful conserved land in Newport Beach right off Pacific Coast Highway.

It had its limelight in the film industry as a set location for the 1918 film “Treasure Island,” 1988’s “Beaches” and many in between. The state park includes around 2400 acres of backcountry land that has a number of great hikes and cycling trails, as well as campsites that display awesome views of the coast. The campsites range from drive-in sites that can come with the option for utility hookups to hike-in campsites in the backcountry. All of these options can be reserved at parks.ca.gov/crystalcove.

Crystal Cove is also renowned for its Historic District that includes about 3.2 miles of beach which makes for a great shoreline hike with engaging tide pools along the way. A good option for enjoying this hike is to park at the Pelican Point Entrance which will have public restrooms at the start and a great photo opportunity at Vista Point. This is also where the Crystal Cove Trail begins. This relaxing stroll along the beach takes only around an hour or two, depending on how much you interact with the tide pools. Once you finish, you’ll be at the Historic Crystal Cove Cottages (which are rentable to the public). Here you can swim at the beach, enjoy dining at The Beachcomber or treat yourself at Crystal Cove’s Shake Shack.

If you are not interested in a hike, you can drive straight to the cottages and just spend a relaxing day at the beach. Overall, Crystal Cove is a wonderful location to visit, enjoy the beach and take in a little piece of history along the way.

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