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Members Summer Wellness Program

Hey alumni, faculty and staff members! Do you need some extra encouragement or motivation to keep up your workout routines throughout the summer? Well, the SRWC would love to help you out! If you haven’t started already, join us in our annual Summer Wellness Program! Between June 1 and Aug. 25, your goal is to redeem 25 points for a chance to win a FREE annual membership to the SRWC.

Summer Instructional Programs

It is not too late to work on your summer body! Check out the summer instructional classes offered at the SRWC. Some of the sessions, which began on July 15, and you can still sign up for, include Total Body Shred, Boxing 101, TRX Mix and several Pilate Reformer classes.

You’re Invited to an SRWC Beach Clean Up banner

The SRWC is doing its part to help keep the beaches of Long Beach clean, and we need YOUR help! On Saturday, March 16, at 10 a.m., join ASI for 30 minutes at Rosie’s Dog Beach to volunteer your time in collaboration with Justin Rudd’s beach clean-up. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend, even your dog!

Personal Training

Looking to get fit this summer? The SRWC offers a variety of personal training packages, and now at a price that fits your summer budget. Until August 25, 2019, all personal training packages are 10% off and include a free InBody Body Composition scan.

New Low-Cost Personal Training Banner

Personal training can get expensive, especially on a college budget. That’s why the SRWC is launching their new low-cost personal training packages starting this spring semester!


The SRWC team is dedicated to making sure that their members’ experiences are the best they can possibly be -- and that means keeping all of the SRWC’s equipment and facilities up-to-date and running smoothly!

Low Cost Instructional Fitness banner

The semester is coming to an end! For students, be sure to utilize the SRWC over break; winter break use is included in your fall semester fees. All members should note that the facility will be transitioning to winter session hours starting December 20. The adjusted schedule will go through Jan. 21.

Alumni Specials

Hey, soon to be graduates! Make sure to stay connected to CSULB once you graduate with your Alumni Membership!

5 Ways to De-stress During Finals Week

  1. Take a stretch break every hour or two

    Taking breaks are key when it comes to de-stressing from the moment. Take a few minutes every hour or two to get up from your studying spot to stretch your limbs, take a walk around the room or even dance it out to your favorite song. As long as you get up and moving, it counts!

Student Summer Memberships

Remember, the SRWC is open to nearly all students who are enrolled in any of the summer sessions. In addition, all students who were enrolled in the spring 2019 semester are eligible to purchase a summer membership for $94* throughout the summer period (May 25 – Aug. 25). That’s just about a dollar a day!

SRWC Rules Banner

The SRWC prides itself in being a place where the entire CSULB community can come to enhance their health and well being and participate in diverse, engaging and innovative programs. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our ‘Rules for a Successful SRWC Experience,’ to ensure that all members can continue to have an uplifting experience at the SRWC!

Free Nutrition Counseling from March to May

Beach Balance strives to provide services that promote healthy living and overall wellness. That’s why Beach Balance collaborates with the nutrition and dietetics program on campus to provide nutrition counseling as one of the many services offered. And this semester, Beach Balance is offering free nutrition counseling from March through May!

SRWC Focus Groups banner

Have any thoughts about SRWC programs, services or the facility? Now you have a chance to voice them!

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