Special Feature

Dress for Success

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) has a few rules for members to have an enjoyable experience within the facility and remain safe. The dress code is part of the facility rules that needs to be enforced at all times.

Although the facility is routinely cleaned and wipes are provided for the equipment, the best way to protect yourself from skin infections is by wearing proper attire to eliminate skin-to-machine contact.

The SRWC dress code is enforced equally to ensure the safety of all members and staff. The policy is meant to keep members from having skin-to-machine contact and safe use of the spaces. Proper athletic pants or shorts are also required to avoid damaging equipment and clothing must not have offensive or obscene material. To maintain a clean and safe environment, the SRWC must enforce this dress code policy while members are actively exercising. For more information on SRWC facility rules, visit asirecreation.org.

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