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Owens Spotlight - Raul Ramirez

Stay motivated during the spring semester and beyond with a chance to win free tuition! Join Owen’s Condition for Tuition, a yearly exercise challenge that enters you in an opportunity drawing for an assortment of incredible rewards.

To be eligible for the grand prize - a semester’s worth of undergraduate tuition - participants must accomplish and log 50 exercise points. Learning to get up and go takes practice and dedication. Here are a few insider workout tips to help you get going from Raul Ramirez, an avid Owen’s participant.

“Try out many different exercises, and once you find one that's enjoyable, keep at it. Letting loose and having fun will make you more motivated to work out,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez enjoys strength-training and running. Specifically, he likes taking jogs with his dog and finding scenic running routes in his neighborhood.

“I am thankful for Owen’s because without it, I probably wouldn’t have the motivation to workout as consistently. Also, taking submission photos helps me track my body’s progress,” said Ramirez.

To complete the Owen's Condition for Tuition challenge, students must log workouts by submitting an online form which can be found at asirecreation.org/owens-condition-for-tuition. The form requires your name, student ID and a photo of the exercise performed that day.

“The form is simple and easy to submit. It really only takes a few seconds to fill out, and then everything is turned in and done,” said Ramirez.

Interested in participating in Owen’s? Join the challenge today by logging your first point online. Five points can be claimed each week, Sunday through Saturday. Earn points for at-home workouts and attending virtual SRWC classes. Learn more at asirecreation.org, and don’t forget to have fun with your fitness activities!

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