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Start and end finals season strong! We have some tips and tricks you can use to ensure efficiency when studying! An essential first step for studying is picking a comfortable environment that’s free of distraction and optimal for productivity. When choosing a spot, find a location that allows for relaxation, focus and minimal distraction.

In fact, the campus has a variety of great options! Depending on the type of study condition you desire, head to the University Library, Student Success Center, or Horn Center. Looking for something more communal? The Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers a lounge space for studying and it’s a popular spot for many students. Not to mention, it also has a Shake Smart with delicious healthy food items perfect for a study session!

While searching for study spots, remember that being in a distraction free environment means something different for everyone! Some students prefer active study spaces while others require complete silence. Either way you go, music is often a great motivation tool. You can use it for background noise to help you stay in the zone.

Maybe lyrics are too distracting for you. Why not try listening to Lo-fi beats? These beats can help stimulate your sense of calm and keep you on task. To find Lo-fi playlists head to YouTube. It has multiple free study playlists that run for hours and are sure to bring joy to any study session!

If you’re someone who gets easily sidetracked by messages, or notifications on your phone, make sure to enable the “do not disturb” function during your study session to stay focused. Also, if you notice social media is taking away from your study time, try deleting, or hiding those apps on your phone in the short term.

You have the tips and tools to rock your exams! Reap the full benefits of a quality study session by getting enough rest, hydrating and fueling your body! And don’t forget to take breaks. Our final tip is to set times between study periods to stretch, walk or meditate. Keep working hard and stay strong during finals, summer is just around the corner! We got this! 

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