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As college students with midterms approaching, finding time for exercise and personal wellness can be difficult to manage. However, remaining active and prioritizing time to partake in various activities is important to staying healthy and relieving stress. Luckily the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) offers many ways for college students to optimize their time on campus and maintain physical activity, wellness and self-care––even during midterms and finals! 

If you are already planning to be on campus, dressing in your gym clothes can provide motivation and accountability to stop in at the SRWC before, in-between, or after classes and study sessions. No need to sweat the sweat, because the SRWC has full-service locker rooms with showers to rinse off in, and lockers to store all the belongings you need to transition from your workout to class and be ready for the remainder of the day. 

Another way to practice time management is to use a planner to schedule your time hour-by-hour. This can be very helpful to locate openings in your day to dedicate time to focusing on your health and wellness. A few ideas of what you can do at the SRWC during these break times are making a reservation for a fitness class, working out with a friend, climbing the rock wall, dipping in the pool, signing up for personal training, or joining an intramural league or tournament. 

Having an incentive to come to the SRWC is also a rewarding way to commit to your physical activity routine. The Owen’s Condition for Tuition program is designed to encourage and reward students for engaging in health and wellness activities. After doing something wellness-related for 30 minutes and scanning your barcode at the computer on your way out, your Owen’s points will be redeemed. And just like that, you’ll be much closer to being eligible to win a free semester of tuition, and winning prizes along the way! 

Working out often is the first thing people let go of when times get busy, however, it might just be the thing you need to help ease your stress––and that is what we are here for. There are endless ways to stay active and involved at the SRWC. We guarantee there is something for everyone who comes through our doors! For more information on what our facility offers, visit asirecreation.org.

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