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Tea has been consumed for ages, not only for its soothing taste, but also for its many healing and restorative properties. Each tea flavor yields a handful of unique health benefits for those who partake in its consumption. Learn about some of the holistic advantages of drinking tea below!

Aiding Sleep Health

As college students with many responsibilities, we sometimes experience large amounts of stress that negatively affect our sleeping patterns. Did you know that teas such as chamomile can reduce insomnia and minimize stress? Chamomile’s relaxation-inducing properties make it a great option for when we could use some tranquility.

Supporting Pain Relief

Tea also offers an alternative option for pain relief. For example, peppermint tea can provide pain relief from migraines and tension headaches. Ginger tea can relieve joint pain caused by certain medical conditions, while black tea can reduce pain and inflammation from minor injuries.

Promoting Physical Health

Rooibos, as well as oolong tea, have properties that regulate the maintenance of good physical health. For example, rooibos tea can improve blood pressure, increase blood circulation and help manage cholesterol levels. Hibiscus tea displays similar benefits. Many teas, such as white tea, also contain antioxidants which are effective in fighting several forms of cancer. White tea also promotes teeth health, as it serves as a source of fluoride which can strengthen teeth and fight off plaque.

Offering Caffeine Alternatives

Need your caffeine fix? Green tea offers alternative sources of caffeine which, aside from its ability to increase alertness, can also aid in weight regulation and improvement of brain function!

Whether you like your tea hot, or iced, one thing is for certain: There are many added benefits of drinking tea. If you want to start drinking more tea, don’t be afraid to experiment with flavor combinations. Some flavor combinations include mint and green tea, chamomile and white tea, or lavender and black tea. Don’t forget to add some lemon, or honey, which can enhance the flavor profile of your drink!

Want more information on how to incorporate tea consumption into your self-care routine? Then join Beach Balance at Meditation and Matcha on Feb. 15 from 5 to 7 p.m. on the SRWC East Lawn!


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