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Owen’s Participant Spotlight – Maddy Braverman

Every year, hundreds of LBSU students pump, swim, climb and utilize all other facilities in the Student Rec & Wellness Center (SRWC) as participants in the Owen’s Condition for Tuition challenge. By logging their 30-minute workout or wellness sessions, these students are eligible for amazing prizes such as bikes, televisions and even the chance to win free tuition!

Maddy has been participating in the Owen’s challenge for years, pushing herself to reach the 50 sessions necessary to be entered into the annual tuition raffle. Though she hasn’t won the grand prize (yet!) Maddy finds great joy in working towards her goal, and the Owen’s challenge provides the perfect motive to maintain consistency at the SRWC.

“This program holds me accountable, motivates me to use our Student Rec & Wellness Center and gives me a goal,” she stated. “Owen’s really promotes students to live a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym for at least 30 minutes a day, which I think really benefits students’ overall wellness.”

Aside from the challenge itself, Maddy’s motivation to workout at the SRWC comes from the variety of exercises possible. Whether she’s using the cardio machines, lifting weights, or playing beach volleyball, you can find Maddy earning her Owen’s points with all sorts of workouts.

Although the online transition has been a struggle for all of us, Maddy has still been able to keep up her SRWC regimen from home.

“There are so many fitness instructors that have virtual classes, videos, programs and livestreams for free,” she said. Utilizing these resources has been key to her home workout consistency.

Owen’s Condition for Tuition usually caps off the year with a huge celebration at the SRWC, but considering the circumstances, we’ll celebrate the winners in other ways. Regardless, you can still log your points and enter to win free tuition, all by working out from home!

As Maddy would tell you, “this program has only had positive impacts, and I look forward to participating in it for the rest of my time at CSULB!”

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