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Did you know that you can work your way toward free tuition from the comfort of your home? Thanks to Owen’s Condition for Tuition, you can convert your home workouts into a chance for a full semester scholarship.

Every year, the generous Owen family awards one lucky student an entire semester’s tuition just for being active. Despite all of the recent disruptions to our normal routines, this year will be no different. By logging at least 50 home workouts on the SRWC website, you can be entered into this year’s drawing for free tuition!

Participating in Owen’s Condition for Tuition is easy; just follow these steps:

  1. Get ready to do a workout
  2. Do your workout & take a photo of yourself during or post-workout - make it fun!
  3. Click the button above to submit an entry for your point – you must upload a photo
  4. Win prizes at the halfway point and completion of all 50 redemptions. (to be collected at the front desk once the SRWC reopens)
  5. Double check your points at the end of each week using the SRWC Go portal!
    1. First, go to the ‘SRWC GO’ portal by visiting https://shop.asi.csulb.edu/MemberDetails
    2. Second, make sure you are logged in using your CSULB single-sign-on (SSO) info
    3. Third, go to ‘Multi-Visit Passes’ on the left-hand side of your screen
    4. Finally, see your progress!


While the prizes and tuition are a big benefit, the point of Owen’s is to encourage students to stay active. Given the times we’re in, this goal is more important than ever.

Click here to learn more about Owen’s Condition for Tuition.


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