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Hello everyone and Happy New Year! My name is Kaleigh Tompkins and I am a third-year Public Relations major with a minor in Graphic Design. In my free time, I love to read and find local bookstores, try out new coffee places around Long Beach, and go to concerts. I absolutely love being a part of the Beach Balance team, and hope you check out all of the programs we have to offer!
- Kaleigh Tompkins, Beach Balance Assistant

It’s a new year and a new semester, meaning it is the perfect time to start fresh! Learn how you can prepare yourself for an amazing semester.

Make a Mood Board
Putting together a mood board is a great way to kick off the new semester, as well as get in touch with your creative side. You can use this as a way to manifest your yearly goals and set the tone of the new semester.
Here are some tips for creating your own mood board:
  • Utilize sites like Pinterest and Canva to put together a virtual mood board. They have a wide variety of images and graphics to choose from!
  • Incorporate inspirational quotes or mantras to remind yourself of your goals
  • Display your completed mood board in a space you will constantly see it (i.e. making it your desktop or phone wallpaper). Canva is a great for creating images that fit perfectly with your devices!
Plan Ahead
Organizing your class assignments and other daily tasks now can help reduce stress from piling up later in the semester. Getting into a daily routine is also beneficial to both your time and mental health, as it reduce uncertainly throughout the day and allows you to be more productive in your tasks.
When organizing your schedule, consider the following:
  • Use a daily or monthly planner to lay out future exam dates, important tasks, and other events
  • Utilize sites such as Notion to keep all of your class schedules, syllabi, and assignments in one place
Starting the semester doesn’t have to be stressful. The key to avoiding this is through the habits you create now and work on maintaining throughout the semester. We challenge you to dedicate this month to refreshing your habits and taking time to yourself. Have an amazing 2022 and great start to the semester!


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Beach Balance Newsletter

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