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Maintaining a regular exercise regiment can be a difficult task for many people. Human beings thrive on social experiences, so naturally, there are benefits to incorporating a social aspect to exercise.

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Craving something more raw and grungy in your workouts? You can flip tires and slam sledgehammers in junkyard fitness—a simple but challenging class with fierce, full-body workouts done entirely outside.

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Have any thoughts about SRWC programs? Now is your chance to voice them!

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For fourth-year human development major and SRWC Wellness Assistant Jessica Marie Talusan, working to promote wellness transformed her own journey in health and wellness.

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As fall settles in, so do unfortunate things like awkward weather-shifts, flu season and midterms. In the midst of crazy transitions, it is important to remember the value of staying both physically and mentally well.

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The holiday season is upon us, and the SRWC is in the spirit of giving!

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