Grab some friends and sign up for an intramural tournament! Competitions are FREE for all SRWC members. Looking to win big? Tournament champions will receive prizes! Drop by the intramural desk today to register.

Intramural Tournament Series DATE TIME REGISTER BY
Sand Volleyball Sept 22 5:00pm 9/09
Water Volleyball Sept 24 3:00pm 9/24
Pickleball Sept 30 6:00pm 9/30
Innertube Water polo Oct 8 12:00pm 10/08
Badminton Oct 12 6:00pm 10/13
Soccer Shootout Oct 19 6:00pm 10/18
Ping Pong Oct 27 5:00pm 10/27
Aqua Golf Oct 29 12:00pm 10/29
Basketball Three Point Challenge Nov 3 5:00pm 11/3