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Outdoor Adventures and The Rock

Regular Rock Wall Hours

Monday - Friday 2pm - 8pm

Saturday 2pm - 5pm

Sunday 2pm - 6pm

(Belay services are offered between 5pm - 8pm Monday - Friday)

(*Beginners or members with little climbing experience are encouraged to climb between the hours of 5 and 8pm Monday - Friday  for complimentary belay services and additional supervision)

One of the most unique features in the SRWC is the custom designed 27-foot high rock climbing wall, located at the far east side of the building. Members will be able to climb up and around the large rock, tackling fears, and reaching new heights.

Belaying service is complimentary!  All rock wall climbing gear is available for rent at Outdoor Adventure Checkout. 

All participants are encouraged to try the wall, and the first time is FREE during climb hours, with all equipment provided. After the first time, participants can climb the wall for free, but equipment rental comes with a charge.  See below for more details. 

Prices are based on Student/Non-Student

Indoor Rock Wall Package

(Includes Shoes, Harness, and Chalk Bag)

1 Session: $4/$6

5 Sessions: $15/$20

10 Sessions: $25/$35

20 Sessions: $40/$50